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I am Bogdan, aka Bogs, a Digital Marketing Specialist and Social Media Manager. Presently, I am wholeheartedly engaged as the Social Media Manager at the Porsche Club of America. However, my passion for freelance work remains strong and I’m always eagered to lend a hand. Should you require any assistance, feel free to reach out without hesitation—I’m here to help!


"Working with Bogdan has been an absolute dream. His Energy and "eye" have already a HUGE impact on our social media presence. He interacts with me and our group with professional courtesy and great ideas for increasing our presence."
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Billy Melon
"OH MY GOOD!!!!! This is INCREDIBLE!!! We are both laughing and crying watching this... couldn't have imagined this coming out any better!!!! Kathryn is literally speechless right now. Thank you so much!!"
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The Rosenblums
"BogsMedia has done a fantastic job of capturing authentic moments that have helped me scale my fitness brand. BogsMedia consistently delivers quality assets that embody both my feedback and vision married with the magic of creative eye."
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Cycling Instructor